RESCUE launched in Negresti, Romania


RESCUE launched in Negresti, Romania

On the 2nd of March 2017, World Vision Romania and their RESCUE partner – Mihai David School in Negresti officially launched the project in their community.  Teachers along with their Principal and colleagues from other schools in Negresti and their rural neighbouring communities have participated along with the County School Inspectorate, the local Police, Social Services, the Student Council and Local Council representatives. The project was well received by the audience who acknowledged the need for such an intervention in their community. The participating students have confirmed the incidence of ESL in their school.  They committed to team up with their teachers in assisting their peers at risk of ESL.  The debate convinced the County School Inspectorate of the importance of the planned intervention. They suggested that the management team extend the piloting of the ESL prevention instruments to more than just the partner school and they have offered to assist in this regard. This event played an important role in raising awareness of the most relevant local and county level institutional stakeholders in the greater scale picture of preventing ESL.

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