November 2017 – World Vision Romania


November 2017 – World Vision Romania

On November 23rd, two experts from the Rescue project staff in Romania were invited by the ‘National Agency for Management’ ErasmusPlus for Romania (ANPCDEFP) to participate as speakers at the International event ‘Strategic Partnerships – Innovation in Education’ organised by the agency in Bucharest, and pursued the development of cross-sector strategic partnerships and the submission of such projects under the ErasmusPlus progam for the 2018 deadlines.

On behalf of World Vision Romania, Mariana Arnautu and Cosmin Grigorescu presented  to participants (over 30 people) from different countries the Rescue Project as Good Practice and Innovation in Education for the Prevention of ESL.  Therefore, questions were asked from participants in how to carry out the project, the tools used, etc.. which showed the participants were very interested in intellectual products and project activities, and especially those that focus on the teachers and community as key actors in ESL prevention. By participating in this event which was organised by the agency, the Rescue project and the results achieved so far were considered as good practice in education, they were promoted and disseminated (

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